Yo Apparel

I had an excellent time working on this clothing logo with a new client. Her brand encompasses feminine street clothing heavily influenced by Japan. When she first said that I wasn’t sure what it meant. It took a lot of solid communication for me to build a sense of her brand in my mind before I could start work. I’m particularly proud of how quickly we nailed this sucker down, since my fist impression of what she meant was rather wrong. When she said “feminine street clothing” I thought she meant casual clothing that’s feminine. What she actually meant was urban style clothing for women. She was looking for Asian minimalism that was funky and bold.. One of the trickiest parts of designing a brand is properly interpreting a client’s description of the company and what they make. Words can mean such different things to so many people. I think I did an A+ job listening to her and internalizing the image she wanted to personify. She came away happy quickly, which I call a job well done.


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