Super Hero Cardboard Cut Out

This was a surprisingly difficult project. I had created an ad campaign about librarians being super heroes and the Event Planner at SirsiDynix thought we should make a man and a woman Super Hero cardboard cut out for our tradeshow booth to match. She ordered super hero costumes and found several fit people to pose while wearing them. The trouble is, very few people are THAT fit. Also, we didn’t have professionally designed super hero costumes to work with. They were baggy in places they shouldn’t have been and too long or too short in the arms and the legs. On top of that, our camera was not really high enough quality to print an image so big. It was a hot, photoshop mess. In the end, I digitally painted / photoshopped these files to death. I was pretty happy with how they turned out, and I think our event planner was too. You can see the lady herself in the picture below, posing behind the cutout at one of our shows.