eResource Central User Interface

When I began this project it was a mess. The engineering department’s only UI designer had unexpectedly quit, and they emergency transferred me from Marketing to keep the 60+ developers headed in the right design direction on this and other projects. This particular project had been abandoned by my predecessor because she and the Product Manager weren’t on speaking terms!¬†Shortly after I began picking up the pieces, the Product Manager also quit, leaving me and the headless engineering team to do our best on our own. We had every reason to epicly fail, but we worked our tails off and came out on top. This was the flagship project in a totally new initiative called BLUEcloud, BLUE standing for “Best Library User Experience.” Had we failed to produce a high-quality product it would have been disastrous for our brand. As it was, our net promoter score rose, and customer losses dropped every year following this product’s unveiling.

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