Connections Video

This is an animation my team made. None of us had ever done animation before, but I think we did a pretty good job. My part in┬áthe project was conception, illustration, and story-boarding. I did not do any of the animation myself, but consulted on the animation as it was produced. The release of our video, at our main customer event in 2016, was a huge hit. SD’s Chief Officer in charge of Customer Support ranked it as the #1 best thing that came out of SD in 2016. Our customers liked it so much they asked us to make one for them to use to build their image in their communities and with their boards. It has created a whole new revenue stream for us, because although the generic video is free for all to use, we’ve started selling versions personalized with our customers’ logos. The original video can be seen here. The generic second video created for our customers is here. In the second video I played the same role as before. Ninty-five percent of the illustrations in both videos are mine, although I did not work on the animation. I used Illustrator primarily on this project.