Library Cataloging User Interface

Perhaps one of my most complicated projects, this series of wireframes for the BLUEcloud Cataloging web app took about a year to create, from winter 2012-fall of 2013. Part of what made it so complicated is the subject matter. In case you’ve never had the pleasure, MARC records (used to catalog library materials) are incredibly convoluted. With 999 different information fields, and rampant custom uses, they are hard to make, hard to use, and hard to maintain. Most people get a masters degree to learn how to use them, and I had to pick it up in the sub-context of 100+ meetings. This project was further complicated by the long list of undefined expectations various customers and shareholders had for the product. To top it all off, I came at this project as an emergency transplant. The sole user interface designer quit and they lured me from marketing to engineering with the promise of a company phone. Therefore, for the first little while I was trying to fill UI needs for 60+ developers completely alone. You can therefore imagine my elation at the success of this product, as you can see by it’s reception on Twitter when unveiled at the SirsiDynix COSUGI conference.

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API Infographic

Have you ever needed to visually communicate the significance of quality APIs? For a long time SirsiDynix was the only company in the Library Automation Industry that offered database access. A few years back, one of SD’s competitors decided to make some APIs of their own available, but their APIs were lackluster, allowing “read-only” access alone. They also launched an email campaign targeting SD customers and mocking SD’s claim to “open” software. When customers started forwarding these marketing emails to us we decided to answer, and this was the answer we crafted. They told me to make an infographic about our APIs. I did the research and design myself and I used Illustrator during creation.