Kidney Defender App

Muahahaha! I’ve waited months to share this story. In December I decided to enter a competition with the VA to design an app that could help people with kidney disease improve their own health. In February (as I recovered from surgery on my ankle) I found out my design had won first prize! I came up with the name, logo, and style of the app, while also proposing certain functionality and gamification to make the app successful.

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Domestic Velocity

This logo is probably never going to be used. I made it for a blog my husband and I thought about starting. The blog idea was to log examples of how regular people (especially parents) can use their free time to accomplish extraordinary things. Unfortunately, we had so much fun doing the extraordinary things that we decided we didn’t want to take time away to blog about it. However, I decided I finished the logo enough to show it off. If I had continued the project, I would have probably made changes to the color scheme. The typography and iconography are basically complete.