SirsiDynix Large Tradeshow Booth

Tradeshow booth design can be a tricky beast. This project in particular, which included enormous banners hanging from 20-ft towers that light up, was a little bit intimidating. The scale is hard to conceptualize, and it’s hard to find quality inspiration without attending a lot of tradeshows in person. This was also one of those projects that tends to influence lots of projects in the future. A company’s booth becomes part of it’s identity. I specifically remember inspiration hitting me for this project in the wee hours of the morning. I hopped onto my computer and worked while my family slept all around me (I had a newborn). I chose the giant, illustrated swirls because we were desperately trying to communicate momentum and change. I chose to focus the banners on short questions that we’d like to answer for our customers, hoping to inspire those who saw it to come and ask more. After the big booth was finished we also did a series of pull-up banners for small shows, in multiple languages. The bottom pictures show several examples in the wild. I primarily used Illustrator in the creation of these banners.

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