Timpanogos Temple Paper Cut

For my birthday everybody in my family pitched in to get me a Silhouette. (Oh the benefits of having 7 siblings, muahahahah.) This gift has inspired a whole host of new crafts, and I usually don’t post my exploits into the craft world to my portfolio, but this has elements of design involved. I also made the floating acrylic frame myself. The cut file for the paper originated in Illustrator. Once cut, the pieces were assembled and glued by hand.

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Cole Wedding Invitation

This was my biggest rush job of the summer. Cole’s Mom contacted me late one night, to say her son was getting married, and the only weekend both families could squeeze in a wedding before Cole’s school commenced was in 3 weeks! Luckily the bride knew exactly what she wanted. I churned this one out in about 2 hours. Congratulations Cole and Emily!