Family History Center Poster

I had fun coming up with a concept for this full-page newsprint ad. Family history can be a tricky subject to make visually interesting, since finding good-quality old pictures available for commercial use is hard. That was half the battle bringing this sucker to life. I used both Illustrator and Photoshop to build this project.

Professional Photoshoot

I took these pictures and edited them for Jens Trauntvein to use in his bid for city council on promotional materials. Many of the pictures have lots of whitespace. This was intentional, since he would need space to put his logo and other information. These things can be edited down to have less whitespace in post, but it’s a lot harder to photoshop more whitespace in.

KillFood Logo

The Killpack family started a food recipe website optimized for sharing recipes within groups, with an eye down the road for sharing recipes fit for different food sensitivities. They named the site, and I embarked upon the logo design. We wanted to make something wild and fun without being morbid, and I struck upon a tribal theme. The shapes I used with hollowed out centers for the fruits hearken back to iconic Native American pictograph styles. The font I used is simple and understated, like a good joke. We’re all pleased with the results.