Thanks for coming!   —Ashley Barney

“Ashley is an incredible designer! As an amateur graphic designer, I feel qualified to make that statement! There was no better feeling than seeing new collateral or a keynote prezi and thinking, “Wow, that looks world-class. Thank goodness we have Ashley.” Her work made us dig a little deeper to ensure product value and quality were as top-notch as the wrapping and messaging she produced. I’m spoiled now: it’s tough to find designs that are good enough after seeing hers. I hope I get to work with her again”

Dain Berrett

Ashley is one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with. Her website designs comprise some of the best designs in our portfolio. She also rendered several image ads for our clients’ use in internet advertising. They have performed phenomenally. I highly recommend her work.

Ashley is also quite skilled in consulting. I had the opportunity to observe her interactions with many of our clients. She often helped them abstain from design mistakes that would negatively affect their future revenues. Ashley is a dedicated team member. Any organization would be lucky to have her.

John Broadbent