Family History Center Poster

I had fun coming up with a concept for this full-page newsprint ad. Family history can be a tricky subject to make visually interesting, since finding good-quality old pictures available for commercial use is hard. That was half the battle bringing this sucker to life. I used both Illustrator and Photoshop to build this project.

BLUEcloud Campus Booklet

The sheer size of this little booklet put it high on my list of favorite projects. I had access to lots of high-quality photography and the permission to give the text plenty of room to breath. The end result was 30 beautiful pages, saddle-stitched. The entire booklet can be seen here:  BLUEcloud  Campus. The format was used as a template by another SD designer to create a companion booklet you can see here: BLUEcloud LSP.

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COSUGI Party Poster

In 2015 SirsiDynix threw a formal customer party. I created this poster/magazine print ad to advertise the event at our biggest annual show, COSUGI. This is one of those projects that I remain proud of despite the passage of time. It represents one of my earliest successful forays into illustration, a medium that intimidated me due to my lack of formal training. I think it is also a good, early example that color theory has magically sunk into my soul.

Print Ad for the book “Mormon Scientist”

One of my earliest design jobs was working for a student communications organization known as I-Comm. There were several pieces my team at I-Comm worked on for author Henry J. Eyring. I was in charge of the print advertising piece for his book “Mormon Scientist,” which you see below. I came up with the concept and the design on my own and then my team took my concept and applied it to several other pieces we were building, including the website in the bottom screenshot. I used Photoshop to create this design.